Buzz - 27 jan 23:37

Kobe Bryant never stopped trying to inspire

Kobe Bryant approached his post-basketball life with the same Mamba Mentality he displayed as a player: an audacious, unyielding will to motivate the next generation. - 27 jan 23:35

The Kobe Bryant Grammys Brought a Lesson in Grief

The show arrived with a peculiar kind of duality—immense sorrow juxtaposed against the hard-earned wins of artists hoping to leave the kind of mark that Bryant did. - 27 jan 23:34

Kobe Bryant Was Basketball’s Great Storyteller

Bryant, who died on Sunday, could seem aware of his own personal mythology. But, as his career progressed, he became more expansive about the narrative power of sports, its ability to transform an inner struggle into an outer one. - 27 jan 21:21

The culture that defines New York

From skyscraper art, to a small-town girl made good, and a transformational Harlem tale, there are certain masterpieces that tell us something essential about the Big Apple. - 27 jan 18:48

What Happens When the News Is Gone?

In Jones County, North Carolina, and many other places around the country, local journalism has just about dried up. - 27 jan 18:37

Studio Ghibli films: An indispensable guide

Now that 21 films made by the legendary Japanese animation house are available to stream, David Barnett lists which films to watch, according to your mood. - 27 jan 17:13

The 'Race To 5G' Is A Giant Pile Of Lobbyist Nonsense

We've noted for a while that the "race to 5G" is largely just the byproduct of telecom lobbyists hoping to spike lagging smartphone and network hardware sales. Yes, 5G is important in that it will provide faster, more resilient networks... - 27 jan 15:20

Which Religion Is Friendliest to the Idea of Aliens?

In the annals of most world religions, a quick walk-on from an alien would not, at least on the surface, seem particularly strange. Unusual occurrences are kind of key to the whole enterprise. - 27 jan 14:28

Detroit News - Home

This gigantic mine, 1,160 feet beneath the surface, spreads out under Detroit over more than 1,400 acres with 50 miles of roads.