Buzz - 5 jun. 19:06

The other threat to Democracy

His "war on the woke" is silly but if Ron DeSantis has done nothing else, he's shown that he is deadly serious - 5 jun. 14:45

Japan's ultimate lesson in gratitude

Despite enduring 150 years of oppression, the Indigenous Ainu people still retain a strong sense of appreciation for the world – and travellers can now experience this in person. - 5 jun. 13:00

The Simpsons Is Good Again

After 34 seasons, 750 episodes, and a decades-long funk, the beloved show innovated its way back to popularity and relevance. - 5 jun. 09:16

Who owns content generated by AI? | CNN

The meteoric rise of artificial intelligence is raising thorny questions about exactly who owns the output of AI tools. And, as AI-generated music and art crosses more into the mainstream, pressure is growing to find the answers. - 5 jun. 01:30

Can Chris Licht Survive at CNN?

Staffers’ confidence is shaken. The CEO is vowing to “fight like hell to win back their trust.”