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Ed Cherney

It’s in the luck of the draw, baby The natural law Forget those movies you saw, little baby It’s in the luck of the draw I first met Ed at Mike Greene’s house on June 5, 2010, I r… - 23 out 23:12

The Challenges Facing Free Speech

Many people have asked me in the last few days what I thought of Mark Zuckerberg’s speech on “free expression,” since it is a topic I have focused on so much. I admire Mark’s commitment to free speech. - 23 out 22:26

All in all, CNN would rather be the one who knocks

Like News Corp with Knewz, it's trying to build its own platform for news, using its own content and work from other news organizations, to compete with the tech giants. "I am not in danger, Skyler. I am the danger." - 23 out 22:06

The pride and power of representation in film

On the heels of the breakout success of his film "Crazy Rich Asians," director Jon M. Chu reflects on what drives him to create -- and makes a resounding case for the power of connection and on-screen representation. - 23 out 20:56

The CAR-T Revolution Is ... Messy

I've now treated several patients with CAR-T, the new cancer gene therapy. I've also scrambled to manage side effects. - 23 out 16:33

Tinder created an interactive show. Gen Z loves it

"Swipe Night" is Tinder's first foray in original content. This month, the dating app, which is owned by Match Group, released a four-part, short-form video series with a few twists. - 23 out 16:10

Forgotten: The Things We Lost In Kanye's Gospel Year

In 2019, Kanye West rose from the ashes of a career flameout by taking his faith on tour. But engaging with this self-styled salvation means forgetting what gospel music was created to do. - 23 out 15:52

Box Office: How ‘Joker’ Became Insanely Profitable

Joaquin Phoenix’s “Joker” has become a certified box office sensation, earning $744 million in worldwide ticket sales after less than a month in theaters. Making that haul all the… - 23 out 15:16

These $50 Chicken Nuggets Were Grown In A Lab

At a 93,000-square-foot warehouse-­office in San Francisco’s Mission District, they’re growing chicken. Not chicken the animal — chicken the protein. - 23 out 15:01

CNN to Launch Digital News Service to Compete With Facebook, Apple

First there was Knewz. Now there is “Newsco.” Media companies are ramping up their efforts to take on Facebook and Apple with digital news services.Just a few months after Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. announced it was developing Knewz. - 23 out 14:42

Digg Deals: Save Over 50% On A 6.5 Quart Ninja

Want to quickly cook a large cut of meat? What about crisping up some tater tots? This combination pressure cooker, steamer and air fryer from Ninja is on sale for just $119.99.