Buzz - 13 nov 22:05

These sneakers vibrate – TechCrunch

Sometimes it seems like you can hear a song all the way in your toes. With these new sneakers, you actually can. Meet the new EP 01 sneakers out of DropLabs. Yes, you read that right. We’re talking about sneakers. - 13 nov 21:47

The Math of Sisyphus – TechCrunch

"There is but one truly serious question in philosophy, and that is suicide," wrote Albert Camus in The Myth of Sisyphus. - 13 nov 19:07

All the Different Bars at the Gym, Explained

The first step in lifting a barbell is loading weight plates onto the bar. At some gyms, there’s only one type of bar, and it weighs 45 pounds, and that’s all you need to know. - 13 nov 17:06

The Case for Internet Access as a Human Right

A new study says internet access shouldn’t be an exploitable luxury good, but a basic, protected human right provided for free to those who can’t afford it. - 13 nov 15:00

When Daydreaming Takes Over Your Entire Life

For ‘maladaptive dreamers,’ the immersive fantasies they generate gradually usurp reality — and going cold-turkey is an even bigger nightmare - 13 nov 14:16

Into the abyss: The story of the MV Lyubov Orlova

Into the abyss: How the MV Lyubov Orlova, a cruise ship named for a Soviet movie star, met its end as a ‘cannibal rat-infested ghost ship’ in the Atlantic - 13 nov 13:00

The Hardest Thing I Ever Animated

15 animators and artists from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, BoJack Horseman, Rick and Morty, Toy Story, and more recall their toughest gigs. - 13 nov 11:30

Welcome to Retirement: Lindsey Vonn Confronts Life After Skiing

Vonn is a three-time Olympic medalist with 82 World Cup golds, an internationally renowned comeback artist, and one of the most dominant American athletes of a generation. She is also, as of February, no longer skiing. So what will she do next? - 12 nov 22:25

The Trial of Chuck Berry

A fourteen year old Apache girl testified that Berry raped her fourteen times in two weeks.