Buzz - 19 nov 02:00

When Beer Becomes the Burden

AA is not the answer to alcohol addiction for many secular scientists, but there are great alternatives - 18 nov 23:56

Sheryl Sandberg

I want to address some of the claims that have been made in the last 24 hours. On a number of issues – including spotting and understanding the Russian interference we saw in the 2016 election –... - 18 nov 23:34

Philippine government threatening Rappler - CNN Video

Rappler founder and editor Maria Ressa responds to the Philippine government's new threat to indict her. "The end goal of all of these cases is political harassment," Ressa tells Brian Stelter. - 18 nov 23:33

How local reporters are covering the Camp Fire - CNN Video

Ten staffers at the Chico Enterprise-Record have lost their homes in the Camp Fire disaster. The newspaper's editor, David Little, says the staff feels "really helpless," but they are helping by informing the community. - 18 nov 23:10

Misinfo is social media's 'chronic condition' - CNN Video

Researcher Renee DiResta reacts to The New York Times' exposé about Facebook and the ongoing scourge of misinformation that is spread on social platforms. She likens this to a "chronic condition" that can't be fixed, but needs to be managed. - 18 nov 22:49

Ruddy and Stelter spar over Trump and media - CNN Video

Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy, a friend of Trump's, says the White House overreached by suspending Jim Acosta's press pass. Brian Stelter challenges Ruddy's claims about Trump's "pro-veteran" record and the media's "negative attacks." - 18 nov 03:29

Richie Furay Delivers At The Troubadour

Well there’s just a little bit of magic In the country music we’re singin’ Richie Furay did not expect to be here fifty years later, and neither did we. It’s not that we saw… - 18 nov 01:58

The Nazi Soldier Who Stole a Scandalous Work of Art

In 1929, Tamara de Lempicka painted ‘Myrto,�� a picture of two naked women reclining on a couch following a tryst. A Nazi soldier saw it, took it, and it has never been seen again. - 17 nov 18:51

How Extreme Weather Is Shrinking the Planet

With wildfires, heat waves, and rising sea levels, large tracts of the earth are at risk of becoming uninhabitable. But the fossil-fuel industry continues its assault on the facts. - 17 nov 01:23

What He Taught Me

The credit states that Thor was created by Stan Lee & Larry Lieber and Jack Kirby -- I believe that’s the current formulation. - 17 nov 01:10

How Politics Became a Business

The field of political consulting was unknown before Leone Baxter and Clem Whitaker founded Campaigns, Inc., in 1933. - 17 nov 00:13

The new Great Game in North American asset management

The North American asset-management industry is undergoing a major shift in competitive dynamics. The competitive landscape is being reset by a small group of visionary asset managers jockeying to deliver distinctive propositions at scale. - 16 nov 20:36

Reading List: Podcasting

I argued in my recent post What’s Next for Podcasting? that we’re at a pivot point where podcasting is becoming a mainstream content format for all types of shows and creators as Hollywood enters the fray.