Buzz - 24 mai. 20:39

Young and Queer and Mountaineer – Salvation South

Mesha Maren’s third novel, out this week, is a landmark achievement for a new generation of Appalachian writers who assert their right to be fully queer and fully mountaineer. - 24 mai. 19:29

Red Lobster Had to Close So That Rich People Could Get Paid

Red Lobster’s bankruptcy isn’t a story about the recklessness of having endless shrimp on offer — it’s a story of how private equity firms bled a restaurant chain dry, leaving workers and diners adrift. - 24 mai. 17:00

How private equity rolled Red Lobster

When a private-equity firm bought the iconic seafood chain in 2014, it sold the real estate under the restaurants for $1.5 billion. Then the restaurants struggled to pay the rents. - 24 mai. 16:30

How Seth Meyers Accidentally Made Getting Drunk on Air an Art Form

The 'Late Night' host may be dispirited about another Biden-Trump election — and interviewing politicians in general — but he finds some solace in the booking coup of his "Day Drinking" segment: "It’s what’s known as the Rihanna bounce." - 23 mai. 17:45

Ilana Glazer Is Your Comedy Mother

Coming off a 52-city tour, the hard-driving actress takes a beat to discuss her new baby movie — after having one of her own. - 23 mai. 16:11

What Happened to $100M Box Office Openers?

Yes, studio and theater chain executives knew this year was going to be a challenge amid major tentpole delays — but May is already a historic flop. Even 'The Fall Guy' is fleeing for home early. - 23 mai. 11:00

A Poet’s Reckoning with What Poetry Can Do

Diane Seuss says, of writing her latest collection, “Modern Poetry,” “I really did feel that I didn’t know how to move forward without something like an answer.” - 23 mai. 00:03

Will in the World

Will Lewis’ plan to fix Jeff Bezos’s media heirloom is a mix of new subscription tiers, some management realignment, and other uncontroversial ideas. - 22 mai. 17:07

How Do Transparent TVs Work?

They look like the work of science-fiction, but they're real and soon you can buy one for your home. How do transparent TVs actually work? - 22 mai. 14:42

Exit the Modest Merchant Prince

Bruce Nordstrom was both the force behind his family’s multibillion-dollar retail dynasty and a stealth godfather to the fashion trade. - 22 mai. 14:00

Glen Powell Finally Conquered Hollywood. So Why Is He Leaving?

The red hot star of ‘Top Gun’ and ‘Anyone But You’ — mentored by Tom Cruise and on every studio wish list — is returning to his native Texas to party with his folks, escape the L.A. fishbowl and finally graduate college. - 22 mai. 13:00

How Ebon Moss-Bachrach gave The Bear some teeth

This year he won an Emmy for playing Cousin Richie, the cranky loose cannon in The Beef’s kitchen. Next year he’ll be Ben Grimm in Marvel’s Fantastic Four. Some actors wait their whole lives for a moment like this. Moss-Bachrach isn’t one of them.