Buzz - 25 mar 04:12

Can Netflix Take Over the World Without Turning Evil?

Netflix appears to be making a strategic calculation by describing itself as an “entertainment company.” Silicon Valley, after all, has become synonymous with the exploitation of user data and an alluring target for wannabe trust-busters. But C.E.O. - 25 mar 03:35

Entertainment Weekly has all the latest news about TV shows, movies, and music, as well as exclusive behind the scenes content from the entertainment industry. - 24 mar 22:50

Has Russia coverage helped or hurt media's reputation? - CNN Video

Carl Bernstein says "the press has done one of the great reporting jobs in history" during the Trump years. Matthew Rosenberg also responds to criticism from the left and right, and explains why it's been so difficult to cover the Mueller probe. - 24 mar 22:24

Tune out the noise, tune in to the news - CNN Video

Robert Mueller has been lionized by the left and ridiculed by the right. "It is so hard to tune out the partisanship and just tune in to the news" these days, but it's also essential, Brian Stelter says. - 24 mar 18:35

It's official: Russiagate is this generation's WMD

Note to readers: in light of news that Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s investigation is complete, I’m releasing this chapter of Hate Inc. early, with a few new details added up top. - 24 mar 17:53

Apple Games

If Apple’s going to spend billions on exclusive TV and movie content, why not spend money on exclusive games as well?