Buzz - 27 jan. 16:00

Inside Broadway’s Bifurcated Comeback

The Broadway musical “Beetlejuice” simply refused to die. After a 2019 eviction notice from its original theater and an unceremonious 2020 shuttering by the COVID-19 lockdown, the production reopen… - 27 jan. 13:34

We're Still Living in Bret Easton Ellis's World

The author, out with his first novel since 2010, has a way of knowing where things are going—a quality that's made his books look less sensational than broadly predictive. - 27 jan. 01:45

Fixing Ticketing?

Let’s start with the fees. Everybody wants them baked in, except for the acts. Ironically, even those acts complaining about the fees! Everybody on the inside knows the real price of the tick… - 26 jan. 17:38

What Happened to the Washington Post?

After a decade of growth, the paper is laying off staff and was reportedly on track to lose money last year. Its publisher and C.E.O. says it’s all part of a bold strategy. - 26 jan. 16:10

The NHL Is Gutless

Professional hockey claims to want greater diversity but won’t stand up to criticism. - 26 jan. 15:55

Eddie Murphy’s Balancing Act

Eddie Murphy received a Cecil B. DeMille Award for lifetime achievement and is dropping his new film, ‘You People,’ all in the same month. You could call it a comeback, but Murphy’s been here for years. - 26 jan. 11:00

The Meme That Defined a Decade

Over the past 10 years, the “This Is Fine” dog has evolved from a joke into an indictment.