Buzz - 22 mai 23:28

The anti-CEO playbook

Profit, money, shareholders: these are the priorities of most companies today. But at what cost? - 22 mai 21:01

Democrats' dilemma: To impeach or not to impeach?

Sure, it's hard. You've got the majority in the House and you can't get a single administration witness -- current or former -- to testify. You're trying to get the President's tax returns. - 22 mai 19:37

The changing landscape of cybersecurity

Bad actors have been seeking opportunities to take advantage of unsophisticated netizens or unprotected organizations since the dawn of the World Wide Web, but today’s bad actors are in a class by themselves. - 22 mai 18:29

What Tech Companies Pay Employees in 2019

Marvel at the median income at Google and Facebook, but remember: Reducing the pay of tens of thousands of people to a single number has its shortcomings. - 22 mai 15:16

Apple has a plan to make online ads more private – TechCrunch

For years, the web has been largely free thanks to online ads. The problem is that nobody likes them. When they’re not obnoxiously taking over your entire screen or autoplaying, they’re tracking you everywhere you go online. - 22 mai 14:46

Inside the Kavanaugh Hearings: An Oral History

As Senate Majority Mitch McConnell tallied votes on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, there were a handful of senators that couldn’t be pinned down so easily. - 22 mai 14:18

The Underrated Pleasures of Eating Dinner Early

Late dinner, sexy and recherché, has its acolytes. But, despite its connotations of denture-friendly fare and penny-pinching, early dinner is the most decadent meal there is.