Buzz - 27 out. 16:45

The Facebook Papers

The Facebook Papers represents a unique collaboration between 17 American news organizations, including The Associated Press. - 27 out. 15:49

Scammers Are Using Fake Job Ads to Steal People’s Identities

From Facebook to LinkedIn to Indeed, ads are popping up that promise well-paying jobs — if applicants provide their Social Security numbers and other details up front. Scammers then use the information to apply for unemployment benefits. - 27 out. 15:09

What Is It About Peter Thiel?

The billionaire venture capitalist has fans and followers. What are they looking for? - 27 out. 12:00

Disgruntled Men Are Waging War on the Road By ‘Rolling Coal’

A Texas teen recently hit six cyclists after repeatedly blasting them with black smoke from a diesel-powered truck. It’s the logical end of a deeply stupid American tradition that’s grown in popularity in the last decade - 27 out. 11:30

Why Are NFL Players So Obsessed With ‘The Dark Knight’?

The Christopher Nolan film may be 13 years old, but players across the league still identify with its themes—and especially the Joker. Why that character? Why this movie? And how does it all manifest on the field? - 27 out. 11:00

Spotify Ad Business Boosted by Podcasts

Spotify’s big podcast bet appears to be paying off, with third-quarter advertising revenue up 75% from a year earlier and user growth picking up after a lull earlier this year. - 26 out. 23:39

'You beat me': Colombia's most-wanted drug lord caught

The man Colombia describes as the world's most dangerous drug trafficker told security forces: "You beat me" when he was captured during an operation this weekend, the government said on Sunday, pledging to extradite him swiftly to the United States. - 26 out. 22:08

Prey tell: How moths elude bats

Millions of years of coevolution have given the insects a bag of tricks to escape their predators — from signal-jamming and decoys to acoustic camouflage - 26 out. 21:25

Opinion | Beyond Zuckerberg

The Facebook C.E.O. personifies the company’s woes. Is it time for someone new? - 26 out. 20:10

The Science Behind Ouija Boards

Spoiler: It’s not ghosts. But this spooky game, or tool, does involve what some psychologists call 'zombie mind.' And it reveals other fascinating things about the human psyche and behavior. - 26 out. 18:54

FBI Raids Chinese Point-Of-Sale Giant PAX Technology

U.S. federal investigators today raided the Florida offices of PAX Technology, a Chinese provider of point-of-sale devices used by millions of businesses and retailers globally. - 26 out. 17:40

Content Will Not Save America

Barack Obama seems almost tragically fixated on the idea that poetry, podcasting, and TV programming can heal our national wounds.