Buzz - 23 nov 22:36

The Influencer Commentariat

In September 2018, Tiffany Ferguson, a twenty-five-year-old college student and YouTube personality with more than six hundred thousand subscribers, sat down in her bedroom, ready to record. - 23 nov 20:22

Why I am Bearish on Substack

A blog about history, strategy, geopolitics, and the intersections of governance, ecology, demographics, and culture. - 23 nov 18:17

The Horse Girl canon

A tribute to the horse books, films, and toys that shaped us - 23 nov 17:28

Simple streaming telemetry

Introducing gnmi-gateway: a modular, distributed, and highly available service for modern network telemetry via OpenConfig and gNMI - 23 nov 15:00

We’re All Trapped in Instagram’s Digital Mall Now

Last week Instagram users trying to seek out the most important part of the app, the activity feed, were likely confused to find that the homepage’s icons were not where they used to be. - 23 nov 14:36

The Idea Adoption Curve

Mapping the technology adoption curve to ideas gives insights as to which business models work on which parts of the addressable market. - 23 nov 12:00

Eight New Yorkers on Partying During COVID

“I’m aware that what we are doing is pretty stupid because we’re putting mad people at risk. For some reason, we still kept doing it.” - 23 nov 12:00

Facebook Ads Could Be Reaching Saturation Point

Facebook has driven monster revenue growth quarter after quarter by driving up ad impressions and tinkering with prices to compensate. But that strategy may only work for so long before its users become overserved. - 23 nov 10:30

A Day in the Life of an Amazon Warehouse Worker

Deborah Liljegren joined in April as it raced to add warehouse workers to keep up with soaring demand from homebound shoppers. Seven months later, her days are only getting busier. - 23 nov 04:57

The Boundless Optimism of BTS

The biggest band in the world has ascended to the peak of pop, redefined fame, and challenged traditional masculinity. These are the twenty-somethings behind it all. And this is what they want now. - 23 nov 02:50

How Close Is Humanity to the Edge?

Toby Ord, a philosopher who studies our species’s “existential risk,” has been both frightened and encouraged by our response to the pandemic. - 23 nov 02:49

Why Silicon Valley Loves Airbnb—for Now

This week you saw something you don’t often see: goodwill for a tech company. Maybe it was a reaction to the endless years of lashing out against tech CEOs on Twitter, often coming from other tech CEOs themselves. - 23 nov 02:28

New insights from study of people age 90 and above

Six years after our initial report, Lesley Stahl visits surviving members of the 90+ Study and finds out what scientists have learned from following the study's participants. - 23 nov 02:24

Robots Invade the Construction Site

Boosted by advances in sensors and artificial intelligence, a new generation of machines is automating a tech-averse industry.